CellTech Innovation and Accelerated Biosciences Corp. Partner to Advance Gene & Cell Therapies

August 10, 2023

By George Su

[Taipei City, 2023,08,11] – CellTech Innovation, a startup accelerator based in Taipei, Taiwan, is excited to announce a collaboration with Accelerated Biosciences Corp., a regenerative medicine startup. This partnership represents a significant step forward in the world of regenerative medicine and the development of hTSC (human Trophoblast Stem Cell) technology.

CellTech Innovation, headquartered in the heart of Taipei’s thriving innovation ecosystem, specializes in fostering startups with a focus on advancements in stem cell technology. The partnership with Accelerated Biosciences Corp. marks a significant milestone in its mission to support innovations that have the potential to make a global impact.

Accelerated Biosciences Corp. is focused on commercializing human Trophoblast Stem Cells (hTSC) isolated from the trophectoderm of embryos from women with ectopic pregnancies. The company’s hTSCs are ethically sourced and have immune-privileged characteristics. It is an abundant and dynamic pluripotent stem cell platform for basic research, disease modeling, toxicology, drug discovery, and cell therapy.

The collaboration between CellTech Innovation and Accelerated Biosciences Corp. promises to create a synergy that will expedite the development and commercialization of hTSC-based therapies. This partnership will facilitate the exchange of knowledge, expertise, and resources, fostering innovation in the regenerative medicine sector.

The prosperous relationship between the two like-minded companies signifies a major stride in advancing regenerative medicine, reinforcing Taiwan’s position as a hub for innovative medical research and development.


About Celltech Innovation Venture Studio:
CellTech Innovation is a startup accelerator in Taipei, Taiwan, dedicated to fostering and nurturing cell & gene therapy startups. The organization provides a supportive ecosystem, mentorship, and resources to drive innovation in the field of regenerative medicine.

Website: www.genecelltech.com

About Accelerated Biosciences Corp:
Accelerated Biosciences, a regenerative medicine startup, is at the forefront of commercializing the hTSC platform, a revolutionary discovery pioneered by the esteemed physician and researcher, Professor Jau-Nan Lee, MB, MD, PhD. With an extensive intellectual property portfolio, Accelerated Biosciences maintains exclusive access to a proprietary source of hTSCs.

Website: www.acceleratedbio.com

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