Dedicated to Commercializing Regenerative Medicine Technologies from The Laboratory.​

Celltech Innovation Venture Studio Co., Ltd. is dedicated to driving innovation and advancement in the field of cell and gene therapy. Cell and gene therapy is a globally renowned emerging biotechnology industry, and our vision is to assist entrepreneurs and business leaders in translating cell therapy technologies into practical applications by providing financial support, professional consulting, and commercialization training services. We aim to establish an entrepreneurial ecosystem that fosters the growth and development of startup teams while collaborating with investors and industry partners to drive the commercialization of cell therapy technologies.

More than just an industry accelerator, Celltech Innovation goes beyond the traditional scope of fostering startups. We offer a comprehensive ecosystem that nurtures every aspect of a cell and gene therapy venture’s growth.

Our Missions

The four objectives that we aspire to collaboratively achieve with the startup company are as follows:

Pioneering Technological Translation for Clinical Advancements

In the realm of technological translation, our commitment lies in aiding the company to transition cutting-edge cellular and genetic therapeutic technologies from the laboratory to clinical applications. Technological enhancement stands as pivotal to sustaining our competitiveness. We closely monitor the latest technological advancements and research achievements within the industry.

Elevating Clinical Evidence: Advancing Quality Trials for Therapeutic Validation

In the realm of clinical validation, we place paramount importance on clinical trials and medical research. We are dedicated to aiding the company in advancing high-quality clinical trials, collecting data, and analyzing results to substantiate the safety and efficacy of therapeutic approaches.

Strategic Operations and Regulatory Compliance for Sustainable Success

Company operations form the cornerstone of our success. We possess comprehensive experience in guiding startup teams to establish efficient operational frameworks, integrating resources, optimizing processes, and cultivating high-caliber teams to ensure the company operates efficiently and sustainably. Government regulations constitute a critical aspect of our operations. We adhere to relevant laws, regulations, and institutional protocols, while maintaining close collaboration with governmental agencies.

Fostering Long-Term Success Through Strategic Business Growth and Capital Mobilization

Business development constitutes the pivotal factor in attaining enduring success. We actively seek out commercial prospects, leveraging collaborations with partners and specialized divisions of labor to amplify speed and competitiveness. Business fundraising holds paramount significance for the growth of startups. We are committed to assisting the company in securing funding to bolster its development and expansion initiatives.

Expert Team

Catalyzing Academic Innovation and Driving Business Success in Regenerative Medicine Technologies

Our management team amalgamates professionals from academic, business, and investment domains. This diverse composition empowers us to fuse academic research, business strategy, and investment perspectives, providing all-encompassing support and guidance for company growth. Our academic members bring forth specialized scientific knowledge and research experience, while those from the business and investment sectors contribute expertise in commercial strategy and capital operations. This amalgamation enables us to organically combine academic innovation and business success in the field of regenerative medicine.

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