Lipid Nanoparticles (LNP)

Dawn Therapeutics

Dawn Therapeutics originating from the Imperial College London is going to deliver on the promise of Gene Therapy: a disruptive technology for ALL types of gene therapy & increasing patient access with a long duration of expression. Dawn Therapeutics is a privately held UK biotech established in November 2019 by its founding scientists and clinicians. Dawn is developing new and innovative disruptive technologies for patients with common & rare diseases, essentially developing “life-long” and “lower cost” Gene Therapies. This includes: – A proprietary integrative Lipid Nano Particle (iLNP) gene therapy technology – A systemic lentivirus gene therapy platform for mucopolysaccharidoses-1 (Hurler) and other lysosomal storage disorders.


Professor Nagy Habib

Founded Year



United Kingdom

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