Nebulum Technologies

Nebulum Technologies specializes in providing 3D imaging and quantification analysis for tissue samples, catering to a diverse range of scientific disciplines including histopathology studies, basic neuroscience research, drug development, and pre-clinical investigations.​ Their proprietary bioimaging technologies deliver comprehensive insights crucial for scientific and clinical discoveries. Nebulum’s services are designed to obtain detailed biological and pathological […]


MediDiamond boasts two major technological platforms: the Modular Vaccine Platform and the LuminX Cell Tracking Platform. These technologies find application in the domains of regenerative medicine, immunotherapy, and cancer therapy, expanding the spectrum of clinical treatment possibilities. They expedite progress in both fundamental and clinical medicine.

Maria Von

Maria Von is at the forefront of regenerative medicine. They specialize in developing, manufacturing, and storing autologous Fibroblast, Adipose-derived Stem Cells, Dermal Papilla cells, Keratinocytes, and more. Their dedication lies in pioneering the practical application of these advancements in medical beauty, regenerative medicine, and cutting-edge cell therapy.

Accelerated Biosciences

Accelerated Biosciences Corp. is commercializing human trophoblast stem cells isolated from the trophectoderm of embryos from women with ectopic pregnancies. hTSCs are ethically sourced and have immune-privileged characteristics. It is an abundant and dynamic pluripotent stem cell platform for basic research, disease modeling, toxicology, drug discovery, and cell therapy.

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